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Memory Care

The assisted living is directly connected to the Memory Care Center which is specially designed for the safety and comfort of the residents with dementia.  This memory care design ensures the residents have access to all the same innovative amenities Avita has to offer.

Staff Training: Staff are specifically selected and trained to work with dementia residents. Training covers the stages and types of dementia, activities, approach and engagement, medication management, validation therapy and person centered care. There is a high staff to resident ratio to ensure safety and quality of care.

Healthy Design: Solariums are designed to maximize stimulation while allowing residents to be bathed in natural light. They have been decorated with vintage household items, tools and furniture, a natural stimulant for healthy recall of long-term memories.

Spa Room: Memory care has personal access to a spa room with the whirl pool system,  our staff assist the residents in enjoying a warm bath.

Secured Courtyards: Courtyards are accessible during daylight hours and fully visible through the sunrooms so that staff may provide continued security. The pathways and plants help residents continue to engage each day with an array of their senses.

Secure Access: Select a personal family code for security and convenience. The memory care center is designed to provide maximum visual oversight for resident safety. Additionally, exits are fully controlled at two points to ensure resident safety. A security camera system is in place to assist in monitoring activity.

Support Group: Alzheimer support group meetings on site.

Therapy: Our professional staff consists of certified therapists who are dedicated to improving the life of each patient on a personalized level. Therapy services are provided by Rehab Care.