Vitality Memory center

Welcome to our Remodeled Memory Care Community: Discover Comfort, Care, and Companionship

Highlighted Features of Vitality Memory Center


Remodeled communal space and exclusive private rooms


Safe Courtyard & Residences


Engaging and Stimulating Activities Tailored to Residents' Needs


Highly trained and Compassionate Staff

Our community goes above and beyond to offer additional care for our memory care residents. Some of the things you can expect include:

Our Memory Care program is committed to helping individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other memory-related challenges. This level of care allows our residents to practice their cognitive abilities, stay connected in a community, and enjoy the day-to-day activities that we provide. If you're seeking a quality home for a loved one to receive the care they need, Vitality Memory Center is the solution you've been looking for. Keep reading to learn more about our program and contact us today to schedule a tour.


At our community, we exceed expectations by providing extra care for our memory care residents. Here are some of the offerings you can anticipate at Vitality Memory Center:

  • Personalized staff support

  • Engaging daily programming to enhance quality of life

  • Social events that encourage cognitive skills

  • Support for the families of memory care residents

  • In-house therapy services

Introducing the latest addition to our advanced care offerings at Vitality Memory Center: the Lucynt Pro projector

Lucynt employs the thoughtful use of technology based on scientific research to create games that are beneficial to the cognitively impaired. Through this approach, Lucynt worked hand in hand with Gerontologists and caregivers to create games that offer fun, physical activity, and mental stimulation in a play-based environment filled with social interaction. This human experience with gaming technology has been scientifically proven to be extremely effective, and we continually strive to improve the quality of life for all those that venture to play.


Support for the Entire Family

Vitality Memory Center offers support for the family members of our residents with dementia or other memory care needs. We know that this can be a challenging time for the entire family, and our highly-trained staff is here to help you cope with these changes. Your loved one will receive the necessary medical care, meal preparation, and security without missing out on their cherished hobbies and supportive social activities. Contact us today to learn more about how our staff can help you and your loved one make the transition to memory care.


Highly-Trained Staff

Our memory care staff is specifically trained to work with residents with dementia. Our training covers the stages and types of dementia, activities, approach and engagement, medication management, validation therapy, and person-centered care. You can have peace of mind knowing that there is a high staff-to-resident ratio that ensures the safety of your loved one and their quality of care.

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Healthy Design

Solariums are designed in our memory care center at Avita to maximize stimulation while allowing residents to be bathed in natural light. They have been decorated with vintage household items, tools, and furniture — a natural stimulant for healthy recall of long-term memories.

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Safe & Secure

If your loved one is a memory care resident at Avita, you can select a personal family code for security and convenience. Our memory care center is designed to provide maximum visual oversight for resident safety, and exits are fully controlled at two points for security. We also have a security camera system in place to monitor activity throughout the community.

Our courtyards are accessible during daylight hours and fully visible through the sunrooms so that our staff may provide continued security.

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Choose Vitality Memory Center and Get the Care You Deserve

At Vitality Memory Center, we aim to provide the best care and support possible for our residents with memory-related challenges. If your loved one has recently been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to find out more about the care we provide in our memory care community. We are here to support both our residents and their families. Contact us today to schedule a visit.

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