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Our mission and guiding virtues are the backbone for our service and culture. With them we succeed in creating world class community. Each member of our staff works hard to show compassion and create personal trusting relationships with our residents and their families.

The mission of Avita Rolling Hills is to Improve Lives and Exceed Expectations. We accomplish this through our Ten Guiding Virtues:


Jennifer Stastny, Executive Director

Jennifer Stastny has held the esteemed title of Licensed Nursing Home Administrator since 2016, bringing her wealth of expertise to Avita Rolling Hills since 2023. Jennifer's academic journey includes a Bachelor's degree in Health Services Management from Wichita State University, complemented by a Master's in Aging Studies, showcasing her commitment to understanding the complexities of senior care. Underscoring her dedication to continuous growth, she is currently pursuing an MBA, further expanding her skill set and knowledge base.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Jennifer treasures moments spent with her family, soaking up the warmth of the sun at the pool or embracing the serenity of the lake, she finds joy in outdoor adventures. These moments of relaxation and connection serve as a cornerstone for both her career and personal life, reflecting Jennifer's holistic approach to well-being and her unwavering passion for enriching the lives of others.


Janet Fuller, Director of Nursing

Janet Fuller boasts an impressive 11-year tenure in the healthcare sector. Her journey commenced amidst the challenging landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, where she began as an LPN. Since then, Janet's trajectory has been one of continual ascent, culminating in her current esteemed position as Director of Nursing at Avita.

With four years of dedicated nursing experience under her belt, Janet is deeply committed to delivering unparalleled care and striving tirelessly to enhance the quality of life for residents under her charge. Beyond her professional endeavors, Janet finds solace and joy in the company of her family, indulging her passion for gardening, and seizing any opportunity to cast her line and reel in the tranquility of fishing.


Jaime Romero, Assistant Director of Nursing

Jaime's dedication to Avita since May of 2019 highlights her commitment to the organization and its mission. In her role as Assistant Director of Nursing, she demonstrates a profound understanding of Avita's dynamics and strives to uphold its standards of excellence in patient care. Jaime's responsibilities are diverse, ranging from ensuring quality care delivery to fostering collaboration among healthcare professionals for optimal outcomes. Her ability to cultivate strong relationships within the team speaks to her effective communication and leadership skills, which are crucial in the healthcare environment. With her expertise and dedication, Jaime undoubtedly enhances the quality of care provided to Avita's residents, making her an invaluable asset to the organization.


Joana King, Business Office Manager

Joana King has been an integral part of Avita Senior Living for over 9 years, serving as the Business Office Manager. With a background in nursing, patient care holds significant importance to her. Joana was drawn to Avita because of her deep love for the residents and appreciation for the caring and respectful staff.

Originally from California, Joana moved to Kansas City for nursing school, where she met her husband of 15 years. Together, they have two sons and a beloved Pocket Bully named Xena. Outside of work, Joana enjoys staying active through workouts and fulfilling her roles as a basketball/baseball/soccer mom. She is also passionate about BBQ and competes alongside her husband in various competitions with their competition BBQ business, Barrel Boys BBQ. Their food truck and restaurant are set to open this year, and they frequently participate in BBQ competitions, garnering multiple grand prizes, including consecutive grand championships at the Smoke in the Plain Derby BBQ and Music Festival. Joana's specialty lies in the chicken category, and she takes pleasure in incorporating diverse cultural foods into their sides, such as her renowned JoJo slaw. Her dedication to fitness allows her to indulge in the delicious food she creates.


Yasya Burpo, Admissions Director

Yasya Burpo brings four and a half years of experience to her role at Avita Senior Living. Originally from Ukraine, she made the journey to the United States a decade ago. Yasya holds degrees from Northwest College in Wyoming and Southern Oregon University in Oregon, reflecting her dedication to education and personal growth.

Beyond her professional life, Yasya finds joy in traveling and hiking, embracing the beauty of nature and new experiences. Her passion for assisting seniors in finding their ideal living situation reflects her compassionate nature and commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others.


Tammy Leiker, Medical Records

Tammy Leiker has been a valued member of the Avita team for five years. Initially joining as a Certified Medication Aide (CMA), Tammy transitioned into managing medical records over time. Her passion for working in an Assisted Living Community like Avita stems from the chance to positively impact the lives of the elderly residents. Tammy finds great fulfillment in providing daily assistance and building meaningful connections with residents, which mutually enriches their lives and hers.


Blake Kennard, Environmental Services Director

Blake Kennard is dedicated to creating safe and comfortable living environments for residents. He implements rigorous safety protocols and ensures that all their needs are met to enhance their well-being. With a focus on resident safety, Blake has successfully implemented comprehensive safety measures, leading to a significant reduction in accidents and incidents within residential communities.

Guided by principles of honesty, integrity, and loyalty, Blake upholds ethical standards in all aspects of his life and work. He believes in building trust and fostering strong relationships within residential communities and beyond.

Outside of work, Blake finds joy in spending time outdoors, whether it's hiking, camping, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature. He is also skilled in carpentry and takes pleasure in creating custom pieces of furniture and woodworking projects during his spare time.


Kody Reed, Dietary Director

Kody Reed serves as the Dietary Director at Avita Assisted Living and Memory Care. With seven years of experience as a dietary manager and over 18 years of culinary practice, Kody has a deep passion for cooking and delivering nutritious, high-quality meals that are beloved by all. Bringing smiles to the faces of residents brings him immense joy. He is dedicated to offering exceptional home-cooked meals reminiscent of those enjoyed at one's own home. Outside of work, Kody enjoys fishing during his days off and is an enthusiastic sports fan, particularly of basketball and football. He proudly supports teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas Jayhawks, and the Lakers. Above all, he treasures BBQ gatherings and spending quality time with his family.

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