Organic, Keto-Flex Meals

This is part 2 in a 4-part series on the 4 Pillars of the Clear Mind Center Alzheimer’s reversal lifestyle.

A Typical Menu at Clear Mind Center

8:00 am – Frittata with spinach, onions, asparagus

10:30 am – Green juice with guacamole and veggie chips

12:00 pm – Egg Roll in a bowl

2:30 pm – Fat bombs

5:00 pm – Salmon chowder with keto mint chocolate dessert

We offer three meals a day and two snacks. As Dr. Bredesen recommends, we stop having any food three hours before bedtime. Our team is well trained to make sure if someone asks for a midnight snack, they offer organic herbal tea or water. We want to be sure nothing is going to interfere with digestion at night so they can get a really good restful sleep.

This is a doctor prescribed diet. So again, at Clear Mind Center we are following the orders that your Bredesen-trained doctor gives you when you move in. If your doctor is concerned that you have excess weight, then the goal may be weight loss. For other patients, the goal may be weight gain. We are keeping track of weight every week so we can pick up any concerning changes.

You may gain weight on keto. You’re going to lose fat, and gain muscle. What we want is strength. This is not typically a low calorie diet however it is a fasting mimicking diet. This is a high-calorie, brain-healthy diet. In combination with exercise and hormonal replacement this diet supports a healthy weight balance.

Another thing that we may want to consider, is if you or your doctor have concerns about too much animal protein, or too little. For residents with ApoE4-4 status we may limit saturated fats like coconut oils.