What To Look For in a Memory Care Facility

What To Look For in a Memory Care Facility

At Avita Assisted Living & Memory Care at Rolling Hills, we truly care about your loved ones, which is why we strive toward being the best-assisted living facility for them. Our purpose is to improve the lives of those suffering from memory issues and to help their families navigate through this journey alongside them. Visit our Wichita location today, or contact us for more information!


Personalized Staff Support

At Avita, our staff provides individuals within our senior community the personalized support they need to thrive each and every day. We understand that every senior is different and requires certain attention, our experts know what it takes to manage expectations and provide the care each person deserves.


Social Events That Encourage Cognitive Skills

As a person's memory begins to slowly fade, so do the many cognitive skills required to live a proper life. At our assisted living and memory care facility, we host social events for residents that focus on encouraging the use of their cognitive abilities, giving them opportunities to learn and maintain many of their memory functions.


Support for the Families of Memory Care Residents

We are not only an assisted living facility for dementia patients, but we also provide support for the families of those suffering from these ailments. Our staff can guide family members through understanding dementia and all the changes it may bring, as it is important for them to know how their loved ones will be affected throughout time.


In-House Therapy Services

Therapy is an excellent way for patients with dementia to cope with the many changes occurring in their lives. At Avita at Rolling HIlls, we offer in-house therapy sessions for all residents, providing them a safe space to communicate and gain an understanding of their situation.

If you have a family member who is suffering from memory issues such as dementia, Avita Assisted Living & Memory Care at Rolling Hills is here to help. Contact us online or give us a call at (316) 361-2500 for further information!